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Joy as MP Chibaya commissions borehole in Clifton Park

By Kelvin Kasiwulaya

Mkoba Constituency legislator Amos Chibaya has commissioned a solar-powered community borehole at Clifton Park, which will supply water to more than 250 households.

The much-needed Solar powered borehole will serve to alleviate water challenges that have bedeviled the high-density suburb for quite some time.

Hon Chibaya said the project was necessitated by the dire need to improve water reticulation in his constituency.

It is my main mantra as the Mkoba legislator to make sure that my constituency gets clean water. The people of Cliffton Park had gone for years without water and the solar-powered borehole will go a long way in assisting the community, said Chibaya.

Chibaya also noted that water was a basic human right hence all communities must have access to clean and potable water sources.

Access to safe drinking water and sanitation are internationally recognized human rights, derived from the right to an adequate standard of living under 11(1) of the International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights, he said.

Chibaya also issued a stern warning to potential thieves not to vandalize the borehole, he also pleaded with residents to treat the solar-powered borehole as their own personal property.

Please do not vandalize this water source, those who would dare temper with the solar-powered borehole will not be charged for theft but rather will be convicted for sabotage and banditry if not terrorism, treat it as your own property guard it jealously, he said

Residents have commended Hon Chibaya for a job well done citing that, their water challenge had gone for years without any feasible solution to it.

“The gesture is a welcome development both for the community. When I look at my area and especially where I reside, there was totally no safe water for human consumption.

“For many years we have been suffering due to water shortages, we had to walk long distances to fetch water. We thank Mukoma Amora for a job well done, said Elias Muchuchuti a Cliffton Park resident.

This solarized borehole has finally solved our water challenges. We were at risk of contracting deadly diseases like cholera and typhoid due to the lack of clean water for sanitary purposes,” said Amai Cythia. #The Sun


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