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Jah Flint is back!

By Perfect Chivima

Dancehall music in Midlands will never be the same again as Jah Flint is back with the “Addicted” singles collection.

It is beyond question, Jah Flint undoubtedly left the fans in suspense after his latest project with Cymplex on Jarzin riddim. The Terrorist is back at it again, as he prepares to release a four track EP titled “Addicted” earlier this year.

Born Elphas Flint Magonde the “Zunza Mazakwatira” hitmaker has since been missed in Midlands music chat shows.

 Jah Flint well known for his enchanting vocals and fervent lyrics is dropping “Addicted”  4 track lovers collection.

“Its high time we ignite dancehall, i know my fans missed me so i have a huge surprise for the whole industry” he reflects.

Motivated by trademark dancehall with its groovy bassline and lavish synths the artist worked on a remix of “Handibve” with Knima Presh.

‘Handibve’ is bookmarked by sweet R&B afrobeats melodies, with sultry harmonious vocal notes from Knima Presh, with Dexter the Kingmaker holding the centre and doing what only the hit maker can do.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Handibve’ and how the exciting collaboration came together, Jah Flint says “I did the song way back in 2013 and i reminisced on doing a remix with Knima since I felt the song at first didn’t get proper attention”

The collection is a dynamite accompanied with an audio and visual package.

Popular music producers Dj Flammes and Dexter Mk2Nil are behind the amiable projects. Jah Flint remarkably demonstrates loyalty with Mk2Nil since the “Terrorist Movement” was established.

“Addicted comes from within metaphorically i am addicted to my fianceè” commended Jah Flint.

The “Addicted” singles collection is a finesse as it serves to fascinate the dancehall fratenity with a song called Addicted in the pack.

The “Terrorist” is back and Midlands entertainment will never be the same again! #TheSun


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