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I’m Innocent: Ex-fugitive Peter Dube

By Blessing Nduku

Mother of deceased Shelton Chiduku who was shot by ex-fugitive Peter Dube over infidelity three years ago broke down in tears upon seeing the alleged murderer arrive at Gweru magistrate court.

Dube arrived at the court, escorted by heavily armed police officers, some mounted on horses while multitudes of people were trying to get a glimpse of the triple murder.  

Upon realizing that the alleged murderer of her son had arrived, Gogo Chiduku could not contain herself.

She is still surviving the trauma of losing her son and is expecting justice to prevail.

Speaking on the sidelines with this reporter, Gogo Chiduku said that the ruthless behavior that Dube displayed by killing his son over unverified claims of infidelity was uncalled for.

“I am still heartbroken it’s as if it happened yesterday, he took away the life of my son he was not supposed to kill him as he was only suspecting that my son was having an affair with his lover, he could have at least spared my sons life and just injured him than taking away his life.

“The act of killing my son was an absurd decision by Peter Dube because my son could have engaged in this affair without Shelton being aware that Nyasha was seeing someone else he should have just dealt with the matter amicably however it’s now water under the Bridge,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dube appeared in court before Provincial magistrate Beaulity Dube to respond to allegations raised against him.

Dube is facing two counts of murder as defined in section 47 of the Criminal Law Act chapter 9:23 and two counts of attempted murder as defined in section 189 of the Criminal Law Codification Act.

In his warned and cautioned statement Dube pleaded not guilty to the allegations raised against him.

Tuso Omega Maputsenyika of Mhaka Attorneys represented Dube, argued that the accused had been mistreated upon his arrival at the Robert Mugabe international airport as he was made to state in the absence of a legal practitioner. He was not allowed to call his relatives or legal practitioners.

Maputsenyika cited section 50 (1) of the Constitution which states that a person arrested or detained must be permitted without delay at the expense of the state to contact their spouse, partner, any relative, legal practitioner, or anyone else of their choice and at their own expense to consult in private the legal practitioner and medical practitioner of their choice and must be informed of this right promptly.

Gweru magistrate Beaulity Dube urged the state to investigate the allegations raised by Dube upon his arrest. Magistrate Dube said that the court opposed the accused’s bail.

“He is a flight risk because he has been on the run since, he committed the offense only to be arrested three years after in the Republic of Ireland using fake identity documents in the name of Amando Qualnete Muchanga hence I advise you to apply for bail to the high court as this court has no jurisdiction to hear his bail application” she said.

It is also stated that the accused is likely to commit other offenses because the state witnesses in this matter are related to him hence if released, he can still murder the witnesses since he once made attempts to kill them.

Magistrate Dube remanded the matter to the 17th of April,Helen Khosa and Vivian Chindedza prosecuted. #TheSun


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