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“I didn’t sleep with a ghost prostitute”

Staff Reporter

A 33-year-old Gweru man who found himself parked on top of a grave at Mkoba 9 cemetery in the middle of the night has denied allegations that he hooked up with a “ghost” prostitute at a popular club, and ended up at the burial ground.

Social media was on Friday ablaze with news of a man who allegedly hooked up with a lady of the night and later found himself parked on top of a grave around 1am at the cemetery. Most posts were alleging that the man had hooked up with a female ghost companion on the particular day since the night club is popular for hosting ladies’ night events every Thursday where pole dancers will be wearing lingerie.

The Sun news crew caught up with the man Tafara Chimuka (not real name) on Friday afternoon, and was still in a state of shock on how he ended his night of joy in a cemetery. Chimuka told council officials in the presence of this reporter that on the night in question, he did not have any particular desire to engage in sexual intercourse with anyone but rather gave a lift to an unidentified man to his house in Southdowns as a kind gesture.

“I know everyone is thinking that I hooked up with some strange girl but I want to reiterate that the person who asked for a lift was a male person and I just wanted to help, I do not do encounters with sex workers as being alleged, I left the nightclub at around 12am after a beer binge and I recall as I was about to leave an unidentified individual pleaded with me to give him a lift since we were going the same direction,” said Chimuka.

He added that upon arrival at the individual’s house, he dropped him off, but unfortunately he suddenly realized that his car was suspended on top of something as he could not drive off.

“I remember seeing a big beautiful house full of lights that had a big durawall, I then parked in reverse to drop the person. At that I didn’t realize that I was at the graveyard,” he said.

Chimuka alleged that he did not know how he got there and only realized he was at a cemetery after some attempts to remove the vechile using car jack.

“To tell the truth I do not know how I got there, all I remember is that a certain man asked me for a lift to which I agreed and this particular man was very silent from the time we left the nightclub until we arrived at his homestead,” he said.

Around 2am in the morning, members of the neighborhood watch committee who were on patrol noticed that there was a car parked at the cemetery with its hazards on but the headlights were turned off.

Chimuka was found sleeping in the car and upon being asked what he was doing at the cemetery in the middle of the night, he narrated events to the neighborhood watch team who allegedly refused to assist him, demanding to be paid $100USD.

Gweru City Council spokesperson Vimbai Chingwaramuswee confirmed the incident but directed all questions to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

Midlands’s police spokesperson Inspector Mahoko downplayed the incident saying all rumors on social media that Chimuka hooked up with a “ghost prostitute” were false, as the man only got stake in a grave while trying to reverse parking.

However, Ward 10 Councilor John Paradza said that he attended the scene after the neighborhood watch committee had informed him about the development.

“I attended the scene at the Mkoba 9 cemetery around 3am in the morning and I was in disbelief to see a car suspended in the air on top of a grave, we decided to call the police so that they could at least come and address the issue of how that car got there. To tell you the truth his story does not make sense on how you can give someone a lift in the middle of the night whom you do not know,” he said.

“We failed to remove the car from the grave and we had to call the council car towing team to help remove the car,” said Cllr Paradza.

According to investigations carried out by this reporter security guards who were positioned at Matinunura high school gate confirmed to have seen the vehicle passing by the school at high speed with hazards on but without headlights around midnight going towards the cemetery.


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