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Hon Makombe shares his vision for Gweru

Richard Shumba

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Member of Parliament for Gweru urban, Josiah Makombe has expressed his heartfelt appreciation towards the residents of Gweru for electing him to represent them in the House of Assembly.

Makombe was duly elected member of the national assembly for the Gweru urban constituency after he managed to garner 12450 votes against Brian Dube of MDC T who had 672 votes and Alex Mukwembi of Zanu PF who had 5422 votes.

The former Gweru mayor said that he was ready to improve the livelihoods of residents through various developmental projects.

“I promise to mend and create cordial relationships with key stakeholders that would see Gweru restore its pride, developmental programs will also be put in place,’

“And these will be people driven as your participation in development is equally important as was your participation in casting your vote,” he said.
He also promised to work closely with residents to ensure that progress in his constituency is achievable.

“Kindly view me as a representative whom you have chosen to take up your plights and drive for the sustainable development of our beloved constituency, my door will always be open to everyone regardless of class, gender, race, religion, affiliation, or appearance,” said Hon Makombe.

Residents congratulated Makombe for being elected into the parliament saying they believed in his capacity to change things for the better.

“Honourable Makombe, yes we did vote for you, however, I can safely say one of the reasons we voted for you is for the simple reason that you are first a Gweru resident, you became a councilor, a Mayor and now you are our MP. It seems you have been tried and tested, therefore our problems as Gweru residents are no mystery to you. Please represent us well with respect, honor, and of course selflessly,” said Ngaatendwe Muradzikwa. #The Sun


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