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Gweru to be the Capital city of Zimbabwe?

Gweru- A newly formed political party the Human Orate Republic National Party ‘HORN’ has declared that if it wins the 2023 general elections, it will change Zimbabwe’s capital city from Harare to Gweru.
Speaking during a press conference recently, ‘HORN’ President, Struck Ngwenya said his party is geared towards the decentralization of power from Harare to Gweru as an effort to drive the devolution mantra.
He added that as a party they are going to see the establishment of provincial parliaments which would see that local resources will be utilized to develop provinces.

HORN’ President Struck Ngwenya

“We are a new party and we are here to bring change, as we want to share our vision with the Citizens of Zimbabwe. First things first we want to change the capital city of this country to Gweru.
“We want to decentralize services from Harare and bring most offices here in Gweru because it is the central point,we have people who come from rural areas who have been failing to get services due to distance.

Ngwenya said he is a veteran in politics as he once sat in a committee that was headed by Professor Jonathan Moyo during the drafting of the failed constitution.

“I remember quitting the constitution-making process after discovering how the process was consolidating power to ZANU PF alone, sidelining other players from a level political platform.
He said HORN was going to deal with high levels of corruption bedevilling the nation as it is one of the issues which has affected the performance of our economy. I will see to that we establish the office of the Minister of Corruption and Correction who will see that all corruption cases are brought to justice.

“I have confidence that if I contest for the seat of the head of state, I am going to win. I call upon all Zimbabweans to go in our numbers and vote for ‘HORN’ because we want to tell a different story.
He further highlighted that the party is going to unpack more on its official launch and availing of the manifesto this year. #The Sun

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