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Gweru teenager develops remote controlled ‘truck 7’

By Karen Mkwate
A Grade 6 Riverside Primary School student in Gweru, Tadiwanashe Chaboka, last week showcased his latest innovation of a remote controlled heavy motor vehicle toy.

Tadiwanashe Chaboka,

Speaking to The Sun, the young inventor’s father, Zonda Chaboka said he was so pleased of the vision and art in his son’s piece of work.
“Tadiwa has revealed a lot promising artistic acts since tender age and am happy that he is discovering his talent and making it his passion. He spend most of his time experimenting. He used to quarrel with his mother over scrap materials which was all over the house,’ said Chaboka.

“His mother used to dump materials scattered around and sometimes inside our house but I’m grateful that today she has accepted that our child is passionate about engineering and when she finds Tadiwa’s things she takes them and put them in a safe place inside the house.’

The young aspiring motor engineer said it only took him a month during the COVID-19 lockdown to build the lorry which its trailers and wheels.
“The invention of this lorry took me one month during this Covid lockdown,’ he said.

‘I use direct current to power the vehicle because it is not dangerous to use. I make my innovation from plastic waste, computer propellers, lights, computer screens with wheels coming from dumped monarch bags and wood. There is a sensor which controls the machine.’


He added: “I’m looking forward to get financial assistance to buy materials that I can use to create my toys. My dream is to invent a lorry which is powered by a generator hence financial support is of greater value. In fulfilling this passion.’
Tadiwa used a 64 volts sensor because the toy requires much power as compared to smaller toys he makes.

“The lorry needs to be perfected so that I can be able to exhibit mypiece of work at competitions and local innovation hubs. This can be only done when my projects are perfected.” said Tadiwa.
For the time being, the teenager is exhibiting his creativity work on social media and around the Gweru Central Business District

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