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Gweru Gay man goes into hibernation


A Gweru man who recently went under spotlight for shooting a homosexual documentary in Gweru City has gone into hibernation in an attempt to evade arrest for promoting homosexuality.

Police in Gweru are keen to interrogate Mthabisi Keith Dube who is on the run after his homosexual machinations were exposed by his friends in whom he had confided his sexuality.

Dube also suffered serious stigmatization in Gweru a development which led him to losing his job at a local multimedia company.

A police source told this publication that there is a syndicate of young adults who are going about recruiting young boys into homosexuality and exchange for goodies and money.

According to the Zimbabwean constitution section 78 (3) persons of the same sex are prohibited from marrying each other.

“We have a group of foreigners whose whereabouts are not known who are recruiting young people most of which juveniles into homosexuality. There is what they call Vuzu parties. They are rampant in Gweru and Bulawayo. What happens at these parties is that young adults are drugged and abused. After they are then blackmailed and forced into homosexuality.

Recently there was a documentary illegally shot without the authority of the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services about gay people. A young man Mthabisi Keith Dube was used as a front man to mobilize homosexuals who then contributed to this unethical research. He is now on the run after police got a tip off,” said a police source.

Dube allegedly went into a exile after receiving various death threats.

A recent study by National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe (NAC) has revealed that there are at least 720 men having sex with men (MSM) in Gweru who have decided to come out open and access voluntary testing and counseling services.

Male prostitution is now rampant in the Midlands capital a development which to Dube and his accomplices, whose identities are not known but are foreign nationals attempting to do an ethnographic research on the gay community in Zimbabwe.

Gweru District AIDS Coordinator Mr Murari Hwingwiri recently claimed that NAC through its implementing partners had reached out to more than 720 gay men after categorizing them as key population.

“As NAC we have extended our services to men having sex with men. In Gweru 720 men who are homosexual have come out open and are now accessing our services. Men having sex with men are a key population in terms of HIV and AIDS,” he said.

Another study by a South African Journalists has also revealed that approximately 80 percent of men in Zimbabwe’s second largest city Bulawayo are homosexual.

There has also been a raging debate in Zimbabwean Parliament on whether to introduce condoms in prisons as is the case with neighboring countries such as Lesotho.

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