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Gweru appoint 7 Aldermen

City of Gweru on Monday conferred seven councilors with the Alderman of the city title after serving the local authority for at least 10 years. Councilors who were honoured with the appointment are, Clr Hamutendi Kombayi, Clr Catherine Mhondiwa, Clr Farai Muza, Clr Charles Chikozho, Clr Albert Chirau, Clr Tawanda Magidi, and Clr Trust Chineni.

Since the 1940s to date, Gweru has only conferred Aldermen status to 20 councilors, while Clr Mhondiwa made history by becoming the first woman to get the appointment.

Speaking at a colourful event held at the mayor’s parlor, acting Town Clerk, Mr Livingston Churu said the councilors who were bestowed with the dignity of Aldermen, have shown unmeasured determination, to ensure the progress of Gweru, despite the national and economic struggles, they remained resolute in line with the City’s vision, “To be a sustainable prosperous, City of choice by 2030”.

He said of the years that these councilors have served, they have ushered in a debate that has brought certain resolutions and policies aimed at making the City a better place for the residents.

“The team of Councillors to be appointed as Aldermen today have pushed forward for the provision of better services such as  water reticulation; refuse collection; accessible roads; public amenities and housing in the city.

I now formally proclaim the resolution of Council made at the 699th Ordinary Council meeting held in the Mayor’s parlour, Municipal offices, Civic Centre Gweru on the 12th of June 2023.

That: In pursuance of Section 106 (1) of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15), the Council, on behalf of the citizens of the City of Gweru, do confer the dignity of Aldermen,” said Churu.

Speaking on behalf of councillors, Alderman Chirau said it is not easy for one to be conferred with such an honour, it needs one to be determined and have a big heart as there are a lot of challenges associated with being a city father.


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