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Gushungo clan bounces back in search for presidency

By Kelvin Kasiwulaya

A Gweru man from the Zvimba- Gushungo clan, and a Robert Mugabe Look-alike is set to contest as a presidential candidate in the upcoming 2023 harmonized elections, under a political party set to be launched early this month.

Mr Brighton Chikaka Kurwa , said his political party, Zimbabwe for Excellence Development Patriotic Front (ZED PF) will be launched at Gweru Civic center early this month.
Brighton (49), a resident of Ascot infill, may be mistaken by many as a Robert Gabriel Mugabe look-alike who says his party should not be taken lightly in the coming elections.

Kurwa is almost the former revolutionary leader’s height, wears the classic Bob-style suits and has that oh-so-famous toothbrush moustache which the former president carried on his face until his death.

As the founding President of ZED (PF) Kurwa says his political party will not reverse the gains of the liberation struggle but it’s there to complement and correct the mistakes being made by the ruling government.

“ZED (PF) is a party of the people, we are people oriented and our mandate is to the people of Zimbabwe. We are not here to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle, the land reform program included, our duty is to complement the ruling government and correct the mistakes made in the yesteryears.

“Our major focus as a government in waiting is to nationalize our mineral resources, especially diamonds for the benefit of all Zimbabweans. This country has a lot of mineral wealth ranging from Diamonds, Gold, Platinum among other semi-precious gems, these should be harnessed for the industrialization and modernization of our country,” he said.

The aspiring presidential candidate said his party will take robust measures to cater for the welfare of war veterans, civil servants and beneficiaries of the land reform program.

We are going to make sure that civil servants get better remuneration and our war veterans continue to receive support from the government. We are also going to give financial support to all farmers, giving support to farmers will provide a robust agrarian economy which will in turn boost our food security system as a nation.

He also said his party’s philosophy is premised on the best aspects of capitalism and communism hence the private sector will be allowed to exist without much interference from the state.

“We are a quasi -capitalist-communist political party, as much as we want to nationalize our mineral resources for economic development, we will not nationalize supermarkets and private businesses, these under our leadership will exist and carry out their business without much interference from the state.

Kurwa who has earned the political moniker “President Mugabe” in the high density suburbs of Mtapa and Ascot Infill says his life in the high density suburb makes him a great ‘President” as he really knows the challenges being faced by the common folk in their day to day activities.
ZED (PF) National Party spokesperson Mr. Leon Ndawi said their party is premised on the notion of peace, love, unity, and reconciliation across the political divide.

We are not here to cause commotion or political upheaval, our mandate is to promote peace, love, unity, forgiveness and reconciliation among political parties.

“If the people of Zimbabwe give us their vote, we are willing to have a government of national unity which will comprise of all political actors. This will allow us to put our differences aside and focus on the development of our country,” he said.#The Sun


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