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GRRA promotes youth participation

By Sheron Mangisi & Faith Muringai
Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) is engaged in a drive to promote youth participation in social and economic activities for the nation’s good.

Tobias Saratiel one of the speakers at the meeting held in Gweru recently, described youth participation as a way of achieving change in young people’s lives. He also added that the participation of the youths in their communities leads to development which paves way for better opportunities for them.
“Youth participation leads to a better democracy. It also leads to a legitimate, political or government system and a trustworthy society”, he said.

Saratiel urged youths to also participate in ward meetings and public hearings as the decisions made there can affect them for a long time if they are not there to voice their opinions on what’s good for them.
“As youths, it’s your right to participate in community meetings and decision making. It is also of great importance for you to take up leadership positions like being councilors in your wards so that you get to make decisions that suit the needs of the youths in your wards”. Said Saratiel.

He challenged GRRA to make youth participation a reality through harvesting contacts of young people and occasionally send bulk sms’ to let them know of any activities or meetings in which they must participate.
Most youths who attended the meeting said they were not participating in activities because of ignorance, lack of adequate information and fear.

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