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Greynut unveils stands to Zesa workers

Zesa Holdings and Greynut Investment have started the process of coming up with a state of the art residential Suburb with other social amenities in Gweru
The project, Greynut Park, along Lower Gweru road on the outskirts of Gweru is the first of it’s own that was started by Zesa Holdings employees and Greynut Investment and now has a buy in from Zesa Holdings.
Greynut Investment has since 2018 been selling residential stands from 300 to 1000m2 to 500 Zesa Holdings employees at Bucks Farm owned by Mr Isaiah Mudzengi.

Greynut Investment manager Mr Jameson Museke addresses Zesa Holdings
executive chairman Dr Sydney Gata (light blue shirt and spectacles) and some Zesa managers during a tour of Greynut Park housing scheme in Gweru

Every stand has a title deed and there is a partial compliance of the project from Vungu Rural District Council since the land developer is still working on other infrastructure like roads.
However, water has been connected to Gweru City Council.
Zesa Holdings executive chairman Dr Sydney Gata over the weekend took a tour of the project where he assured the beneficiaries that the companyi s going to do everything in it’s power to see the fruition of the project.

“Under this programme, it won’t be difficult to activate pension fund to invest in complementary facilities such as the cultural center , shopping complex, an upmarket primary school, and clinic if there is space. Those are my aspirations to activate our pension fund and we provide the vital social amenities,” said Dr Gata.

He said he is coming back to Zesa as a mature adult who understands the rights of employees.
“I’m coming back to Zesa as a mature adult for the fourth time and I know that as employees, you have rights also. “You are expected to look after your families, provide them with food, healthcare provision and also provide for your family in death also. But above all we have a duty to develop or offer a home as a company,” he said.
Dr Gata said it was unfortunate that many Zesa employees resign or die without a roof over their head mainly because they will be staying in company houses.
“You find that an employee of Zesa endures for decades, people who work in power utilities world over die working. And when they change employment, that when people realise that they have no houses because as a company we provide accommodation. The one who provides energy non stop for decades is an important person in society,” he said.“Dr Gata said it’s his wish and dream for all Zesa employees to have the same value as that which is given to the service they provide.
“As a company we must be aware that you are entitled to homes, your own homes and not company homes, to give you stability, a status on society.
“So I will pledge on behalf of our board, management and Government that we are going to succeed here no matter the challenges.”
“You have a right to have a home and we have a duty to be able to assist you especially that you are taking an initiative. You started this and we are grateful for this and we must support you in full,” said Dr Gata.
He added, “Budget support is needed to start with and I will fight for it. We will assist you complete what you have started.”

Dr Gata said he has been to Hwange, Bulawayo and Gweru so far where he has been meeting with Zesa employees widows.“He said widows should be considered in the housing programme.
“We have a responsibly even to our widows and so don’t leave them out in these schemes because excluding them is a form of cruelty that I can’t stand,” said Dr Gata.

Graynut Investment manager, Mr Jameson Museke said the partnership between Zesa Holdings and his company will change the face of housing delivery.“He said the scheme was tailor made to suit the needs of Zesa employees.


“Each and every stand has a title deed and one can use it to apply for mortgage. We have opened roads, we are doing sewer and water reticulation and massive excavations are taking place. We have partial compliance certificate and this is a project that is on point. Seeing you come here Dr Gata, we are humbled and we are positive that we will have a Zesa employees unique residential area or community, ” said Mr Museke.


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