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Govt set to takeover Mtapa market

By Staff Reporter
National Housing minister Daniel Garwe last week ordered Gweru City council to come up with structures at the Mtapa market in the next two weeks, failure which government would take over the project.

Mtapa Market

Garwe said since the ground breaking two months ago it was disappointing that the market site was still at the ground level.
“After the ground breaking ceremony in April l expected to see building structures at wall level,” Garwe said during a tour of renovated markets in the city.
“I am really disappointed that only excavations have been done so far.
The material at the site is also not properly stored and there is no supervision by the local authority at the site,” he said

Honourable Minister of Women Affairs, Community Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Dr S.G. Nyoni at the ground breaking ceremony

” We are coming back in a fortnight and if nothing changes we propose to remove the whole council team and replace it with that from the national housing ministry.” he added.

Midlands provincial affairs Minister, Larry Mavima said the council had requested for a further three months to put structures at the site, a proposal he said had been turned down by the government.
Hon, Mavima said, despite funds being availed by development partners council still failed to utilise those resources to start constructing vending bays and other structures at the market.

However, city assistant housing director Unity Jaji said council was facing challenges of manpower to see the project take off.

She said the few workers available were working on other council projects which were already pending.


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