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Gokwe man killed over a Bluetooth speaker

Blessing Nduku

Police in the Midlands have confirmed a murder case of a Gokwe man who was beaten to death by three men who accused him of stealing their Bluetooth speaker on 10 June 2024 at Alarm 2 Mine Compound in Kwekwe.

Provincial Liason Officer Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said it is alleged that Penias Mhizha (30) visited his sister Nerisa Dube and after spending some time with her he then went to a nearby tuck shop and came back towards midnight and retired to bed.

”It is said, Penias Mhizha of Village Machaya, Chief Sayi, Gokwe North visited his sister Nerisa Dube aged 39 at Alarm 2 Mine Compound in Kwekwe. After spending sometime he then left to a nearby tuck shop at 1900 hours for a beer drink and came back towards midnight and retired to bed.”

Three suspects namely Moffat Ncube (46), Justice Mukosi (36) and Tawanda Achiona (31) all of Alarm 2 Compound, Kwekwe arrived at the house at around 0200 hours, demanding their stolen Bluetooth speaker from Penias Mhizha.

Mahoko said that the three suspects who are believed to have been drinking at the same tuck shop where Mhizha was are said to have besieged his sister’s house claiming that the now deceased had stolen their speaker and they want it back.

“The trio forcibly got into the house and found him sleeping in one of the rooms, they started assaulting him with open hands all over the body demanding their speaker back.

They dragged him out of the house and force marched him into the darkness to an unknown destination where they mercilessly beat him. They dumped him at the Tuck Shop and alerted his sister who refused to give them a solar panel as compensation after failing to recover the speaker.”

She rushed to the tuck-shop and found him seriously wounded with blood coming out from the mouth and ears. She took him home where he died before taking him to hospital.

ZRP Kwekwe Central attended the scene and preliminary investigations led to the arrest of three suspects. They will appear in court as soon possible.

The police is appealing to the public to solve their disputes amicably. Once again police are appealing to members of the public to solve their disputes or differences amicably by engaging a third party. Use of violence constitutes an offence and leads to unnecessary loss of lives. They should also respect sanctity of life; this incident could have been avoided.”


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