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GCC to implement new refuse collection system

By Ashley Suruma

The City of Gweru has engaged local individuals with trucks through a community-based program to complement the local authority`s refuse compactors to collect refuse.

Addressing journalists, at a press briefing this week, Health Services Director Samson Sekenhamo said the program will start in November and the truck owners will be paid for the services rendered.

He says the program will reduce the council`s refuse collection. The council has been struggling to collect refuse for over a month due to broken down refuse compactors.

The local authority has introduced a new refuse collection system that will ensure cleanness in Gweru through the engagement of truckers.

The scope of this program is to increase the rate and effectiveness of refuse collection around residential areas.

Gweru residents are encouraged to recycle and reuse wastes that are fit for such an exercise.

Garbage that decomposes can be productively used for compost creation and aid home gardening.

Other refuse such as bottles and plastic packs can be recycled for a discount and waste that cannot be recycled or reused has to be dumped in plastic bin liners or sacks which will be collected by truckers.

Successful truckers will be assigned areas to collect refuse according to the council’s schedules.

The waste management plan of action will reduce operational expenses and ensure definite collection of refuse. “This plan will also create employment and increase recycling rates and promote reuse,” said Mr Sekenhamo.

Gweru residents have been facing problems with refuse collection. Some ended up dumping in undesignated areas leaving the environment an eyesore and producing a folly smell in some areas. This waste management plan of action will be a panacea to these problems. #The Sun


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