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GCC in $1.5m dumpsite saga

Gweru City Council requires $1.5 million to commission a new dumpsite away from residents as the current Mutasa dumpsite now poses a health hazard to residents in Woodlands Park Suburb which was constructed within the proximity of the dumpsite.
The local authority has for long been at loggerheads with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) over environmental pollution at the dumpsite.
Gweru Town Clerk, Ms Elizabeth Gwatipedza said due processes for the development of Woodlands Park Suburb were not followed hence the environmental menace that has been created.
“The peri urban development of Woodlands Park Suburb which is under Vungu Rural District Council has negatively impacted our town planning structure as there was no Environmental Impact Assessment done prior to the housing project. The Mutasa dumpsite was planned to last for 40 years but we now have houses surrounding the dumpsite posing a health hazard to the residents,” she said.
Ms Gwatipedza said the local authority is financially incapacitated to establish a new dumpsite following calls to decommission Mutasa dumpsite which is now a stone throw away from resident’s houses in the new Woodlands Park Suburb.
“The Mutasa dumpsite has been in existence since 1999 but has now been affected by peri urban development through Woodlands Park Suburb. We now need to relocate the dumpsite and start new one which requires $1. 5 million yet we are currently financially incapacitated to do so,” she said.
Ms Gwatipedza said the Mutasa dumpsite is now a health hazard as the current situation can lead to outbreak of diseases and fire in the nearby suburb.
“The dumpsite has become a source of pollution for the nearby residents. Now that we are in the fire season, the level of vulnerability to fire outbreaks is quite high. The flies and insects around this area can also carry bacteria to the people and diseases like cholera and dysentery can emerge,” she said.
Meanwhile, residents have been blaming council for failure to address the dumpsite issue as a matter of urgency. Staff Reporter

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