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Freedom of the City:- a sign of confidence in ED

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga recently welcomed the conferment of President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa with the Freedom of the City of Gweru as a sign of confidence by the Midlands province and the generality of Zimbabweans in the leadership of the Second Republic.

In his congratulatory message, VP Chiwenga said the conferment was a special honour for the Head of State and Government.

“This is indeed a special honor in recognition of a man who has contributed to the growth and development of Gweru. The conferment of Freedom of the City symbolizes the confidence the people of Gweru, Midlands province and indeed the generality of Zimbabweans have in your leadership. This is not just an achievement but a celebration of the highest order in appreciation of the impact that you have made in improving the livelihoods of your people,” said VP Chiwenga

He said President Mnangagwa was the better leader to create a prosperous Zimbabwe for all.

“For us privileged to work with you on a daily basis, we are convinced that there is no better leader to take us to Zimbabwe we all want and desire. The Lord must be smiling that the leader that he bequeathed to Zimbabwe has made great strides and has achieved so much in stabilizing and consolidating the social and political gains made since the advent of the Second Republic.”

VP Chiwenga said President Mnangagwa stood tall among other luminaries and this made Gweru City Council and Zimbabwe as a whole place him in the annals of strategists
The Vice President commended Gweru City Council led by Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi, saying they have demonstrated love and appreciation for the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

“His Worship, the Mayor, Councilor Hamutendi Kombayi and his entire council and the people of this city have demonstrated the greatest love and affection to you by bestowing this honor of the Freedom of the City and we join them blissfully .The fact that the conferment was done when the council was in the full session shows that the President is a distinguished leader and deserves this high honor.”

“I also want to say to the city of Gweru and the people of Gweru, that after what you have done, can you also demonstrate it in the forthcoming election by observing peace, unity, Love and harmony, we are all Zimbabweans and this is our only motherland, we were born here and we will die here,” said VP Chiwenga.

President Mnangagwa was conferred with the Freedom of the City of Gweru at a ceremony held at the City’s civic center in honor of his vast and iconic contribution to the city.

Freedom of the City is the highest civic honor council can bestow on a prominent person for meritorious service, either of a national or local character.

The last conferment was in 1992 when the late founding President Robert Mugabe was bestowed with the status by Gweru City Council. #The Sun


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