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Fast One Steel opens in Gweru

Blessing Nduku

A youthful Zimbabwean entrepreneur Parkston Marecha has opened a steel processing as well as a wholesale enterprise in Gweru trading under the name Fast One Steel.

Speaking during the official opening of the shop, Parkston Marecha said that the opening of this enterprise is more like a testimony and that they find pride in partaking the 2030 mantra vision.

“We find pride in driving the development of our country, the development of our country is in hands of us, “Nyika “inovakwa nevene vayo” and we are here to support our President by focusing on steel products we are playing our part in the infrastructure development of our region.”

The enterprise has created 24 jobs and is expecting to recruit more locals once the Manhize steel plant starts producing at full capacity after going through some test-runs.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Owen Mudha Ncube said the government was pleased with this industrial expansion which is going to boost Provincial GDP.

“This milestone achieved by our fellow citizens is clear evidence of the positive impact of allowing steel investments. A steel hardware retailer has been recently established and supportive business environment created by the Second Republic under President ED Mnangagwa.”

“Fast One Steel is an important development as steel is the backbone of mechanization, construction, engineering, fabrication, mining and agriculture. It demonstrates success of policies aimed at promoting economic growth and industrial development and we look forward to this investment underpinning GDP growth.”

Ncube went on to say that the establishment of Fast One Steel came at the right time when Dinlson Iron and Steel Company start its production.

“The establishment of Fast One Steel comes at that time when Dinlson Iron and Steel Company in Manhize Chirumanzu District is set to start production soon.”

The company was started with an investment of USD$ 500 000. Minister Mudha Ncube applauded the couple for being disciplined.

Mr and Mrs. Marecha are known for their good deeds of giving out to Progress Christian College as well as Apostolic Faith Mission Church where they attend to.


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