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Fans disappointed after Voltz fails to perform

By Kudakwashe Shambamuto

Hip Hop artist Nkosilathi Sibiya a.k.a Voltz JT’s failed to show up at the Tropicana Guest Lodge gig on Saturday which left fans disappointed.

Nkosilathi Sibiya a.k.a Voltz JT’s

Voltz JT’s fans gathered under strict Covid-19 regulations at the venue eagerly waiting to see him perform live but were left disappointed when he failed to turn up.
A number of upcoming artists kept performing the likes of Lil trexz, Kay Flow, Drae kul among others who ended up being the sole entertainers of the day.

Fans who turned up in numbers were disgruntled for not enjoying the performance they had paid US$10 for after the show began around 12pm in a bid to adhere to Covid-19 regulations.

“We bought tickets in advance and others bought them at the gates. We were eagerly waiting to sing along the ‘Nyaya dzemari’ song and the hip hop chanter did not perform, this is very bad we have been waiting since 12pm until now,” said Joshua one of the fans

Voltz JT blamed the management of the event for breaching the agreed contract saying he was not paid as per the terms which were agreed on, which made him not to perform.
“I blame the organizers for not doing what we had agreed, they didn’t pay in time I was supposed to stage around 5 in the afternoon but everything went sideways, even up to now we haven’t received any payment,” said Voltz.

Voltz JT’s DJ confirmed the case saying the organizers did not pay, they only received transport money to and from Gweru.
“We were not paid but rather we were given transport money. The organizers did not manage their finance well, that is what led Voltz not to perform”, said Jamal Mukura Voltz JT’s DJ.
The event was spearheaded by Prudence Maguranyanga, a worker at the guest lodge who refused to comment on the issue.

“We paid to see Voltz JT performing but we were very disappointed as he did not show up for reason known by himself. We should report the case of theft because we were not refunded, we can’t pay to see local upcoming artists which is an act of fraud”, said one of the fans at the show.

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