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Esau, Bibi clash over $16000

Esau Hondora
Tichaona Bibi

Staff Reporter

Gweru’s own bad boys are at loggerheads after popular music promoter Esau Hondora (32) alleged to have been cheated a staggering $16 000 by Tichaona Bibi (39) in an illegal US$ money transfer deal that went sour.

In an interview, Esau Hondora told The Sun that, he met Dessy Bibi, ‘Tichaona’s wife at Stanbic Bank who promised to help him with the sourcing of US Dollars.

“I met Daisy in the bank when I was applying for US Dollars; she approached me and offered to give me 8000 US Dollars if I make a $16000 transfer to her account.

“As I was in dire need of the foreign currency I agreed to the deal and instantly made a $16000 transfer into Daisy’s account, she told me to wait for thirty minutes while she goes to collect and count the money at her office,” he said.
Hondora revealed that he went back after thirty minutes and was told to return after an hour later to be told to forget about his cash as he had been robbed.

“I went to Daisy’s office after 30 minutes to collect my money but I was told to return after an hour, after I had gone I received a call from Tichaona Bibi who told me to forget about my cash as they had been robbed by people who were supposed to give them the money,” added Esau.

When contacted for comment, Bibi dismissed Esau’s claims saying he was just out to tanish his good image and name on false allegations. He had a different story which included himself ,his wife Dessy, Esau and Pastor Tendai Manga who rents a shop in town, who also into money exchange business from bank transfers to ecocash transactions.

According to Tichaona Bibi ,they did not con Esau of his $16 000 he transferred into his wife account.
“What happened is that Pastor Manga had 12 contacts who were claiming to have US$ and wanted to exchange with Ecocash. They sent some of Esau’s money via ecocash to the contacts but soon after the contacts’ mobile cellphones were not reachable until now and we discovered that we have been duped of the money. Money amounting to $12 000 with each to have received $1 000 was lost and the contacts are no way to be found,” said Bibi.

He said Pastor Tendai Manga is the one who initiated the deal when he called Tichaona Bibi while he was outside Gweru at a nearby mine leading him to call Dessy and stimulated her to approach Hondora in the bank.
As soon as they all learnt of the alleged fraud by Pastor Tendai’s contacts ,Esau reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Dessy Bibi.

However, Bibi claims the case was dismissed at the court and Dessy was released without being charged as the Area Prosecutor dismissed the accusations saying that the state can’t intervene to rule on an illegal dealing matter.
Although Esau is promising not to rest until the Bibis pay him back his $16 000 and on the other hand Tichaona is saying that they were all victims in this dark tunnel of fraud.

Currently, both Esau and Tichaona told this reporter that the matter was now in the hands of the police serious frauds section and is being dealt with to make sure the criminals are find and the money recovered. The whereabouts of the remaining $4 000 less $12 000 of Esau’s $16 000 loss remain the Bibis’ responsibility as investigations are being conducted.

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