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Empire Records opens up on Dj Flammes

By Perfect Chivima

Empire Records decided to clear the air on the trending saga of the sudden resignation of Dj Flammes on the 6th of March since social media has been blistering with hearsay comments.

The 6th of March was dooms day  in Midlands entertainment as William Fuzani known as Dj Flammes announced his sudden resignation at Empire Records from his crown as a music producer.

A shared on line post read “I am resigning from my position as a Music Producer at Empire Records effective 6 March 2024. I am excited to explore new opportunities in a different field. Best regards #Flammes paBeat”

Online content creators have pointed fingers to chief operater Dir Sitah and his Empire Records management crew for willful neglect of the Hitmaker.

Despite negative comments to death cap their reputations, Sitah disclaimed rumours circulating on social media that Dj Flammes uplifted the Empire Records studios.

“I started music production in 2016 and was invited by Dj Tamuka to work out a project with Jah Prayzah in 2017, step by step Empire studios was a fruitful result of my sweat and solid stance” said Sitah

After securing a celebrated studio brand in Mkoba, Sitah persisted to renovate and construct a new basement for Empire studios in Gweru central business district.

As the godfather of Empire Records he further contributed to the growth of the brand with an installment plan of high definition cameras to fully set prime standards in Midlands.

Sitah’s sixth sense of quality control blending in with undiluted Flammes paBeat arrangement of perfectly pitched projects was no doubt a golden combination in Zimbabwe.

Music fanatics and fellow artists applauded the movement, encouraging the two governors to continue operating the two studios for extended marketing.

Dj Flammes was assigned to be in charge of Empire Records in Mkoba, still the “Magunvosta” producer  felt sidelined by the management.

“I gave Fule a chance because i have nothing personal with him, as i expanded the music business with concern to the studio  investments we had to engage popular brands to hype our music business” said Sitah.

“Basically the problem arose when we introduced the Unkat brand at Empire studios there and then Dj Flammes felt challenged on his role” he said.

A move which was expected to hype up the movement suddenly flopped as Dj Flammes  turned tail at work on claims that he did not have bus fare.

Empire Records management was disappointed and did not hesitate to warn the “Mudzimu une skiri” engineer.

“Now we mean business so if you continue bunking sessions you will be easily replaced” said Sitah.

Without a proper last look at their partnership Dj Flammes packed his goods and chattels, waking up the city of Gweru with a farewell post on his social page.

Town-talk is increasing on a daily basis where as fellow artists are worried to lose their projects that were under Flammes mastering at Empire Records.

In the mean time, Empire Records is still on the movement with a riddim on promo set to be released soon. #TheSun


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