ED warns of wanton behaviour as Covid 19 surge

By Ronald Chuma & Branton Matondo
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has cautioned Zimbabweans to avoid from non-essential behaviour during the Covid-19 lockdown, as cases continue to rise every day.

This comes after the civil protection units reported a series of identified cases which proved to be lewd and undisciplined.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

“This kind of behaviour is deplorable and must be condemned. Fellow Zimbabweans, it is imperative that we all act responsibly if we are to survive this onslaught”, said President Mnangagwa.

The current surge of corona virus in Zimbabwe has seen itself stretching its wings to areas which previously recorded fewer cases.
These places include Mashonaland Central, Masvingo and Matableland North which have currently and respectively recorded cumulative figures of 884, 1494 and 889. A rapid rush of Covid 19 cases has labelled Harare and Bulawayo as absolute hotspots, having recorded alarming figures of 8850 and 4154 respectively.

The government, under the leadership of Acting President Mohadi, have assessed critical and fundamental institutions of the nation and they have asserted attention to them. School examination classes have received necessary precautionary measures so as to instil safety.

Funeral procedures which have seen funeral services participants dwindled to 30 people per service will go a long way in the curtailment of Covid 19 cases.
“The task force must be commended for leading the way in the fight against the pandemic”, said President Mnangagwa.

As of 14 January 2021, there has been an exponential rise in Covid 19 cases in Zimbabwe. All in all, cumulative figures of 25 368 confirmed cases, 14 714 recoveries and 636 deaths have been put to book.
National statistics have indicated a sharp decrease in the recovery table. Previous recovery records as of 3 January 2021 stood at 80,6% but a study shown on 13 January stood at 57,6%. in a space of 10 days, recoveries have dropped by 23%.

The curve indicates that the national fatality rate is standing at 2,4% as of 13 January 2021 compared to the 2,5% dispatched on 3 January 2021.
Fortunately for Zimbabweans, a draft for Covid 19 vaccine framework is being developed.
“We are are reminded that self discipline and self handling are pre requisite during this lockdown period and beyond. Be your brother’s keeper and follow the basic protocols the lockdown and other ancillary regulations enforced”, concluded Mnangagwa.

Regionally, South Africa continues to lead the tally in SADC Covid 19 database with a cumulative figure of 1259748 confirmed cases and deaths reaching out to 34334.
Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and Eswatini have respectively recorded 20482, 25362, 16050 and 10975 confirmed cases

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