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Don’t despair: Mwonzora tells supporters

By Staff Reporter

MDC-T supporters should not despair in light of poor attendances at rallies and insults against them by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members who accuse them of following a party without membership, Douglas Mwonzora has said.

Addressing more than 500 party supporters at a by-election campaign rally at Mkoba hall in Gweru on Friday to give support to its parliamentary candidate Albert Chadoka, MDC-T president said he was aware that his supporters, including himself, are being mocked and harassed by CCC members, especially on social media, that his party has no followers.

“We are different from other political parties who bus people to rallies, if you look at videos of their rallies, you will see the same people including that cattle rustler from Mashonaland Central wearing a yellow garment and a rod, we MDC-T don’t bus people to rallies.

We have supporters, and MDC-T is going to demonstrate that during this upcoming by-elections in a few days’ time. (Nhunzi nyangwe dzikawanda sei hadzifi dzakabika chikafu chinonaka asi nyuchi shoma dzinobika huchi hunotapira) Flies even if they are many will never cook delicious food but a few bees always cook delicious sweet food. MDC-T will soon be cooking sweet and delicious food for the people of Zimbabwe through dialogue with the ruling party ZANU PF,” said Mwonzora.

He said the March 26 by-elections is a referendum for the people to decide whether to return the corrupt, incompetent councilors, members of parliament or not, and people should vote for new, clean candidates to lead them.


Mwonzora said MDC-T is the true opposition party in Zimbabwe left by the founding father Morgan Tsvangirai and is going to govern Zimbabwe one day.


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