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DJ Vas to launch a campaign against child marriages online

By Varaidzo Muzonzini
Popular radio presenter, DJ Vas, Mushurugwi of 98.4 FM Midlands is running a campaign to fight against child marriages with the theme ‘A Child Is Not A Bride.’

DJ Vas is appealing to everyone in the country to join hands with him in fighting against child marriages and the campaign hopes to save millions of young girls who are being taken as wives below the legal age of marriage.

“Child marriage is taking a child below the legal age of marriage which is 18 years for marriage and this has led to a lot of complications especially during birth and a lot of them die as the child’s body will not have fully matured to bear children,” said the entertainment guru.

He said that due to this unending lockdown which has caused a great outcry of poverty, a lot of families have turned to give away their children below the legal age of marriage in exchange for food and other commodities.


“I was hurt when that 14-year-old girl died at a Johanne Marange shrine while giving birth and nothing so far has been done to punish the offender, who married an underage. My heart bleeds when I see little girls being sent off for marriage, let them be children, not brides,” added Dj Vas.

The campaign will try and save children who are being sent away for marriage and emancipate the general public on the dangers of child marriages.
“Let’s join hands and fight against child marriages,” he said.

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