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DJ Blesh finally famous

Matilda Hove
Gweru based artist, Blessing Nyanhete aka DJ Blesh who is well known for remixing popular songs has published his own first album titled ‘Finally famous’.

DJ Blesh has produced an album with 9 songs, featuring musicians like Tinashe Makura, Aisha Dawn, Mc Chitta, Nasper, Mr Boomslang, Calvin and Oxygen.

“I produced an album with 9 songs, with Aisha Dawn featuring on my song called Take me away, Tinashe Makura featuring on Let it go, Nasper on Rivers flow again, Mr Boomslang featuring on Believe in love, Mc Chitta on On and off. With Dj Oxygen l produced the ninth track called One night only as a bonus track, with Calvin featuring and the rest of the songs I produced them alone,” said Dj Blesh.

The ‘Finally famous’ producer stated that, from the year he started his music career in 2010, he had been focusing on remixing popular songs of well-known musicians up until he got some motivation from his manager Nigel Rubwe, to produce his own music.

Dj Blesh produced his own music album without help from any producers and being a representative of One fusion, he managed to get financial support from it for his production.

Dj Blesh added that, he has gained more recognition from the fans as well as the world as a whole.
“Soon after l launched this album, l have managed to gain more recognition from fans and am now verified on Google as an official artist,” he said.

While producing his album, the Dj encountered a lot of hardships as he was looked down upon, since he had never produced his own music and because he is also a local radio programmer, he was unable to catch up with time so it took him time to produce his album.

“Since l have shows on 98.4 radio station, I could not manage both the radio and my album at the same time therefore it took me a whole year to produce my music. At one point in time l was looked down upon as a Dj so l got no help and worked hard until my work finally spoke for me,” he said.

Dj Blesh promised his supporters and fans that he will not stop producing music and from this year he will be focusing on releasing single tracks as he moves forward.

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