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Breaking News…Covid 19 reported at MSU

The Midlands State University (MSU) has temporary closed part of its campus clinic after a female health worker tested positive to Covid-19, sending panic among students and staff members, it has been established.

MSU Information and Public Relations director Mrs Mirirai Mawere confirmed the case of a health worker who tested positive to Covid-19, saying several other contacts have been put on self isolation as per regulations.

Public Relations director Mrs Mirirai Mawere

“Its not true that the whole clinic has been closed, part of it is being disinfected after the confirmed Covid-19 case. The clinic is operating normal and everything is under control,” said Mawere.

She said a health worker at the clinic started to show symptoms of Covid-19 and tests were conducted among staff members at the clinic. One person tested positive and as per World Health Organisation (WHO) regulations, several staff members were put on self isolation at home.

Mawere added that all the contacts have not shown any signs of Covid-19 and are still being monitored at home.


“I want to assure our stakeholders that the situation at MSU is under control and there is no need for panic as all WHO guidelines are being followed to protect students at the campus. No other cases of Covid-19 has been reported at the institution,” she said. #The Sun


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