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Churches in verbal fight over holy oil validity

The eruption of Christian wars scrambling for customers has reached a fever pitch in the City of Kings, following the reintroduction of the highly publicized Holy anointing oils that have found their way back into the market.

Preachers were captured in the streets denouncing the Holy anointing oil being sold by other churches. Picture Choice News Africa

Some of the churches have gone an extra mile in accusing other denominations, as Gospel entrepreneurs, whose target is exploiting the troubled souls, of people who have not been settled in their lives, due to economic difficulties.

Picture by Choice News Africa

Some of the church members captured advertising Holy blessed oils in Bulawayo.
While on the other hand, the government of Zimbabwe has been very slow in reviving the closed industries, prompting churches to also capitalized on closed factories, by simply converting them into very large industrious gospel businesses that accommodate hundreds of job seekers, who throng the modern Christian outfits to get blessings.

One of the closed factories turned into a large church building in Bulawayo’s Kelvin North industrial area.
“We sell anointing Holy oil to all people, who would be in need of chasing away bad luck and evil spirits, at affordable prices so that everyone can get the holy bottles. We are getting the oils from Israel where Jesus walked and anointed millions of followers,” said Prophet Mathius Bhebhe of Waters of Revelation Ministries.

Asked why they sell the anointing oil instead of giving it out for free to congregants, the man of cloth quickly defended and said, “We sell it at a very small amount compared to the costs that we incur, on bringing them to Zimbabwe, from Israel,” he said.

On the other side, a preacher was also going around the City, advising everyone not to buy Holy oils that they do not know their source.

“God doesn’t allow selling of anointing oils if it is the real anointing material. Jesus was carrying out free healing sessions to everyone openly, without asking congregants to pay anything.

How can people sell the word of God that is supposed to be dished for free? Christians must stop commercializing the Holy Spirit because one day they will stand before the Lord to answer to charges of criminology,” said a preacher who was moving around, with a mobile public address system.

This January, Bulawayo and the surrounding areas, have been flooded with several Pentecostal churches, marketing their holy anointing oils, and promising fortunes to everyone who attends their church services, with the latest in pictures captured by Choice News Africa dishing out fliers in the middle of the road.

While it is a good idea to utilize closed factories, do people have to buy anointing oils from Israel, instead of manufacturing them in Zimbabwe, using the vacant factories, or faith must force them to pay money at the industrial church, to get prayers that will enlighten the fortunes on job seeking.

The good unanswered question is, where will these unemployed get jobs in the country with closed factories that have been converted into large Christian prayers hubs?

“I am not blaming the church owners but the blindfolded followers, who are supposed to get out of the dark blanket of foolishness.

Why they are locked in the Christian basket is because they can afford to buy the anointing oils. The day they will wake up to realise that Holy oils, is not creating employment but boosting the church income for the commercial purpose, it will be too late,” said Steven Dlodlo a traditional healer.

Several churches went into hiding, during the early days of the Covid19 virus, after they were challenged by health experts to help with their anointing oils, but that proved to be not helpful, as the oils failed to curb the virus.


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