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Chosen worshipers launche new album

Matilda Hove

Gweru based group of gospel artists called ‘The Chosen Worshipers’ are set to launch their new album titled ‘Taidziwanepi Nyasha’ on the 1st of December at Methodist church at Mkoba 19.
The chosen worshipers group consists of 10 boys who are Anthony Patirosi, Bladwell Mutyoza, Bothwell Mapfumo, Lenias Ngwalati, Prosper Torubanda, Samuel Madzimure, Shingirirai Muzondo, Tanaka Mashayamombe, Tanaka Torubanda, and Tinotenda Muzondo, who are members of the Methodist church.
The eight track album ‘Taidziwanepi nyasha’ includes, ‘Dombo rakare’, ‘Taidziwanepi nyasha’, ‘Muna vanhu venyu Mwari’, ‘Ishe taungana’, ‘Huvepo hwaMwari’, ‘Hakuna wakaita sa Jesu’, ‘Turura’, ‘Ndiyambutsei rwizi’, with the song Taidziwanepi nyasha being the leading song bringing out the title of the album,” said Bladwell Muzotya.
He added that, the title of the album is derived from the Bible in John 3.16, where the grace of God given to every one of us through his son Jesus Christ and it is therefore a reminder of the grace of the lord.
The group (Chosen Worshipers) was formed in 2015 with only 6 members which some leaving the group due, to their differences.
“The group was started by a Church organization called Boys Christian Union (BCU), which was created by boys only,” Muzotya added.
Other members of the group told The Sun that they faced many obstacles in trying to progress with their album in which financial difficulties and lack of music promoters were the major issues.
Another group member Samuel Madzimure said that, ever since the Chosen Worshipers were created, they kept on exercising and improving their confidence in ministering the word of God through music.
“We have much faith in our music, we never backed down ever since we started but we are gathering more confidence as we go further,” he stated.

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