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Chikwekwe scoops Top CEO Award

By Kelvin Kasiwulaya

City of Gweru’s Acting Town Clerk, Vakai Douglas Chikwekwe scooped the 2022, CEO Gold Class Award at a ceremony hosted by the Zimbabwe CEO’S Network in Harare.

The prestigious award goes a long way in honoring Chikwekwe’s immense contribution towards improved service delivery in the City of Gweru.

In an interview, Chikwekwe said he was humbled and thrilled to receive such a prestigious accolade.

“I feel very humbled and thrilled at the same time in regard to the award and I did not realize that I had the potential that others have seen in me and it is only other people who can judge.

“My only secret is hard work, put all your dedication on the issues of service delivery and have a team, be a team player and let others also lead whilst you lead, to be hands-on when it comes to service delivery, one has to be involved,” he said

Chikwekwe also noted that discipline was the cornerstone of organizational success.

“I also ensure that there is discipline within the organization so that every employee from top management to shop flow are accountable for their day-to-day work and also with regard to the execution of performance contracts which have been introduced by the government, people have to perform, people have to be measured people have to be accountable, he said.

Individuals who win the CEO Gold Class award would have helped their organizations achieve stronger financial performance, tangible results and goals as well as overall success for their organization.

The Zimbabwe CEO’s Network is an exclusive CEO peer group organization that leads opportunities for learning and development through peer group meetings facilitated by experienced CEO Group Leaders, targeted one-to-one mentoring, a customized curriculum, and focused learning events throughout the year.#The Sun


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