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Chikwekwe returns GCC vehicle

By Tanyaradzwa Chigumbu

Former City of Gweru acting town clerk Mr Vakai Douglas Chikwekwe who was accused of illegally taking his employer’s brand-new vehicle, a Nissan Navara in violation of a council resolution has finally returned the vehicle as part of a labour court deal.

According to sources at Town House, Chikwekwe and the council reached an agreement for him to return the Navara vehicle as part of the negotiation of his exit package, which will include USD28 000.00 for the three years council didn’t supply him with a service vehicle.

Council representatives which included Chief Security Officer, Acting Transport Manager are said to have travelled to Harare to collect the vehicle last week.

When contacted for comment, Chikwekwe confirmed returning the Navara vehicle to the council and that negotiations for an exit package were at an advanced stage.

“I can’t say much at the moment as the negations are confidential but I have returned the vehicle to council and we are all in agreement on the way forward,” he said.

Mr Chikwekwe was recently suspended following his arrest by the Zimbabwe AntiCorruption Commission (ZACC) for allegedly violating tender procedures resulting in companies Sheasham, Casas and Wackdrive winning tenders to service Mkoba 21 and Randolph suburbs.

ZACC later cleared him of all charges before the case went to trial, but he had already resigned from the council.

During the days he was in dispute with the council, Mr Chikwekwe said the local authority actually owes him a Toyota Fortuner which was approved by the Cabinet.

“It is the council which owes me a US$83 000 Toyota Fortuner, a car which was approved by the Cabinet, but they were reluctant to buy me that car. I don’t even understand the logic of accusing me of stealing a US$30 000 car yet they owe me a US$83 000 Toyota Fortuner,” he said during that time. #The Sun

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