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Chief slam parents for children’s bad behaviour

By George Vhudzi
Midlands Chief’s Council chairperson Chief Nkwananzi Zama Ngungumbane has blamed parents are failing to support teachers in shaping the moral behaviour of their children saying the guardians have relegated such responsibilities to educators.

Chief Ngungumbane said parents were responsible for the social and societal upkeep of their children and should desist from blaming teachers for all the negative social behaviours done by scholars.

Chief Nkwananzi Zama Ngungumbane

“It is a collective responsibility of the community at large not of teachers alone to mould the behaviour of children because we have a current set up where teachers are mostly absent from schools”, said Chief Ngungumbane.
“It is not an excuse to say teachers’ absence is the result of what children are doing. We have child headed families where some parents are in the diaspora while the children are left home without an elderly to give them proper guidance. These children are even exposed to explicit content such as pornographic material.’

Another traditional leader from Mberengwa said teachers’ efforts to educate and discipline children without parenting assistance will yield less results.
“The job of disciplining children begins at home not at school,’ he said.
‘It is both our role as parents, pastors, teachers and traditional leaders to unite in shaping the behaviour of our children”.

Teachers have been reported to be on strike since opening of the second term after its closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They have vowed not to resume duties until government addresses their salary demands.



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