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Bonus for GCC workers

Despite the current economic challenges facing the country and against all odds,Gweru City Council (GCC) this week paid its employees 2018 bonuses, becoming one of few institutions in the country to have managed to award its workers the 13th cheque.

By Staff Reporter

Since the coming in of the new council, the local authority is said to be now up to date in terms of payment of salaries which at one time were 5 months behind.

In an interview, Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe said the over 1 100 employees had received their 2018 bonuses and was happy that they managed to achieve that promise.

The bonus came at a time when council workers were requesting a hardship allowance equivalent to 30 percent of their salaries to cushion them against the rise in the cost of living which went up by almost 400percent.

“Yes we have paid all employees their 2018 bonuses which came at a time when we managed to be up to date in terms of salary payment to our workers. We are now paying them their monthly salaries and we no longer have salary arrears to talk about,” he said.

A member of the GCC workers committee Mr Polite Sibangani said they were happy that council had paid them their 2018 bonuses adding that the money was going to go a long way in cushioning them against the rise in the cost of living.

“We are very happy that we have received our bonus from our employer. At the same time they have cleared our outstanding salaries,” he said.
The local authority last year doled out residential stands to its employees in lieu of outstanding salaries and bonuses and the stands are mostly in the newly-established Mkoba 21 suburb.

Last year, the employees signed a deal which compels the local authority to pay their medical and funeral expenses as well as school fees in lieu of outstanding salaries.

Town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza is on record saying that council’s monthly revenue collections had fallen far too short of its recurrent expenditure, adding they were collecting $1, 2 million monthly against a wage bill of $1, 3 million.

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