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Bogus cops raid Chinese company

Police in Gweru has launched a manhunt for three bogus police officers who pounced on a Chinese owned Tyre company, early this morning (Thursday) and got away with US$2 000.

According to Tatenda Mandigumbura, a security guard at the Bourginivilla Tyre Company in the heavy industry site, two of the robbers were wearing police uniforms, arrived around 7:40am demanding to see the manager who was in his office with another Chinese workmate.

They were told to wait at the gate while they (security guard) inform the manager about their presence but they refused and forced themselves into the premises.

“The three went into the manager’s office which he also uses as his house and assaulted the Chinese nationals who were inside before robbing them of US$2000 as well as cellphones,” said Mandigumbura.

The two were left tied up with cable tyres and the manager was bleeding on the head from the beating by the bogus police officers.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Mahoko

“When the robbers left we didn’t suspect anything as they were walking in a casual manner, we only realized after 10 minutes when the bleeding manager came out of the office shouting that he has been robbed,” he added.

One of the employees who witnessed the incident, said robbers who are in their late 30s, were being driven in a Honda fit.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Mahoko confirmed the robbery but could not give details as investigating officers were still at the crime scene and yet to file a report.

Efforts to get a comment from the two Chinese nationals were unsuccessful as they were said to have gone to the hospital for a check-up.

When The Sun news crew arrived at the scene, armed police officers were seen at the premises while witnesses were giving statements.

  More to follow.


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