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Baba Gweru on Fire

By Perfect Chivima

Popular local artist Henry Augustine Musingarabwi also known as Henry Talent boi is orchestrating to set the entertainment industry ablaze with a new project “Kupisa paZimba”

Well known for his melodies in the Jiti songs, Henry Talent boi ignites a spark of vitality, drawing people together in a spirited motion.

Pre-released “Kupisa paZimba”  which means “Extremely hot in Zimbabwe” displays the magnificently lit flame shining on Baba Gweru.

The “Pondo pamuonde”  hitmaker has been named “Baba Gweru” by music fanatics in the Midlands region.

“The fans are my energy, if they see me as their musical father and calls me Baba Gweru, then it is my responsibilty to entertain them” said Henry Talent boi.

Baba Gweru is the artist new name which highlights the impact he exhibits in the entertaiment arena.

“Pondo Pamuonde” produced by MTJ at MTJ Beats Studios, upon its release reached more than 5k views in 2 weeks on Youtube.

Jiti style has become popular as Zimbabwean dance music. Accompanied by his producer MTJ, the duo features a swift rhythm with fast paced drums.

“My aim is to exceed 225K views on the Hamuna cash project with my mentor Amuli”  commended the artist.

Henry Talent boi appreciates working with Gift Amuli as he respects the sungura maestro for giving him a heads up in the entertainment field.

He also hypes up Baba Harare and dissolves any allegations on immitating him.

 “I respect Baba Harare, we sing the same genre so we have the same mission in the industry” said Henry Talent boi.

In a scrutiny of Midlands Entertainment, Henry Talent boi is aflame and does not intend to cease fire. #TheSun


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