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Aspiring politician haphazardly drills borehole in Mambo

By Vimbai Nyamukutu
Gweru city fathers have expressed concern over a borehole that was drilled in Mambo by a local aspiring candidate without the approval of the council and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA).
Councilors said the environmental department should take firm measures against politicians who are drilling boreholes without approval as some sites are not suitable for various reasons.

Speaking during a full council meeting Clr Notal Dzika and Clr Gideon Mugariri bemoaned the political muscle and disregard the procedure that is being used by aspiring candidates who are drilling boreholes without approval, while at the same time putting people’s lives at risk.

Clr Notal Dzika

Clr Albert Chirau added that this was clear political expediency taking place in the city because post-testing of boreholes is supposed to be done before drilling.

The city fathers said water is an indispensable human right and access to it is therefore critical for human development but however, there are disappointed by one of the politicians who sunk a borehole at Mambo shopping center without consulting with the council, putting residents to the danger of water-borne diseases ”.

Proper site identification and investigations should be done before a borehole is sunk to establish an environmental and hydrogeological risk assessment.
”It is important to know the location of water and the estimated amounts of water underground before any water borehole drilling” said Dzika.

Clr Dzika added that the council has a duty to take punitive measures on such politicians who are abusing their political muscle especially during this time of elections.

The acting director of engineering services Eng Praymore Mhlanga said,” Before a borehole is drilled, authorization has to be sought first from the appropriate council, it is illegal to drill a borehole without authorization, as it puts residents at risk of water being contaminated. Borehole drilling is a process that has to be certified by the council sticking to the proper procedure which establishes whether the borehole is at the proper site and will not cause harm to residents.

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