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Aspiring Chiwundura MP chased from funeral


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ZANU-PF aspiring Member of Parliament for Chiwundura Constituency, Pearson Mbalekwa was allegedly chased away from a funeral wake in Zaloba area by mourners who were claiming that their relative was killed by his campaign agent.
Villagers who visited The Sun offices alleged that the person who murdered Zanu-PF Chiwundura District youth leader, Claudious Chikope was Mubalekwa’s campaign agent in the area, therefore was indirectly involved.
Zaloba residents who claim to have witnessed the shocking scene alleged that they saw their aspiring candidate running for dear life as the angry mob wanted to avenge the death of their gallant colleague.
Pearson Mbalekwa stormed The Sun offices refusing to be drawn into allegations that he was connected to the ‘suspect’ Washington Mtetwa who struck Chikope on the neck and back with a broken beer bottle before fleeing from the scene.
The furious Mbalekwa said that he was not involved in the death of Chikope nor was the incident politically motivated.
“I knew the deceased and we even conversed on Whatsapp, I can even show you our messages. I had to attend the funeral since he was my young friend, he lives 3km from my farm and we are in the same ward. His death has got nothing to do with Mbalekwa”.
“ The people who came here are not villagers because they should have known the truth, this is political smearing because I am the leading dog in the primaries, you know very well that last time I won the primaries with a big margin and but withdrew. Why did they only come after my name was adopted in the Zanu PF primaries? Why did they not go to Zanu PF offices to report me, I am the leading dog. If you are a professional paper write it as it is,”
“There is no crime I committed, if I was involved they would have gone to the police to report me,” he added.
Mbalekwa expressed that, he was not chased away from the funeral but left earlier because he wanted to avoid congestion.
A close relative to the family who preferred not to be named maintained the death of Chikope was politically motivated.
“The death of my relative is very much politically motivated as he had refused to take beer and meat from the aspiring MP who had come sometime back. Mbalekwa once visited Game Park Shopping Centre and bought drinks and beer which my relative refused to take. That is when they ear marked him with the intention to harm him”.
The source alleged that, “Washington and Claudious were such good friends before the arrival of Mbalekwa in the political scene. He is the one who started the feud over the selection of candidates ahead of the forthcoming elections since candidates were handing over their CVs before the primary elections.”
However, police have since dismissed the allegations against Mbalekwa saying Chikope’s death was not politically motivated but the incident was based on allegations of infidelity .

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