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Amuli, Lee Fire and Tatman collabo coming soon

By Varaidzo Muzonzini
Sungura music artist Gift Amuli has once again joined hands with the young generation fire bands, Lee Fire and Tatman in the new summer track called ‘Takutenga Nesvikiro’.

The expected new dancehall single track anticipates the dawn of a new era, new season, welcoming summer with high hopes that the devastating Covid-19 will come to an end.

“With it comes the so much needed sun, the heat that will relieve us from the winter cold that is synonymous with many ailments among them, the deadly Covid 19 pandemic, which has crippled families and the normal life people were used to,” said Danny Rugare, Amuli’s manager.

The summer track was produced by young and talented producers, Kid MJ, Martian ant Truth all from Caesar Jams Arts Studio.
Takutenga ne Svikiro means that we will now be buying using the new $50 note that has the ancient Mbuya Nehanda, ‘Tisingarare padenTisingaende paden, Tobuda mubhawa Na ten dzamangwana makuseni’.

Gift Amuli

“We wish for the times of jubilant communion. Braais and other things.
Braaing is the most common well for people gathering,” he added.
The manager said the Bhora mberi, hitmaker is running a program that seeks to identify, edify and promote talent in communities.
“This is the reason why he has founded SAMAS, a vocational training college that centers mostly on youth development, with that comes youth talent in music arts and sports. The most prominent genre on the streets is what the youth trend,” said Rugare.

Some people in the streets are saying that Amuli has abandoned the Sungura genre, which was dismissed by the manager who said the current projects are centred on a tutorial for young and upcoming artists.

“Amuli is not a music trialist. He is perhaps the most accomplished artist who sees everything positive in music and its most paramount function in society as edutainment. How do we inform and educate society if we shun the very fabric that warms the future generation? Music metamorphosizes, times change and so does the music. We are in the new genres to stay. But to say we have abandoned Sungura is an understatement. The artist is the eye of the society observing commenting and advising on the vices and virtues in the day. That is not confined to one particular genre. Our youths are who they are because of what we have made them be. It is us who introduced them to Western and other cultures. Why then shouldn’t we be welcome to their communions if we really need to bridge the generation gap,” said Rugare.

Amuli is working with other Sungura artists doing collaborations in the Midlands
“I as the manager pronounce him as the most complete artist who can do almost everything musical. That’s a benediction only God gives to a selected few. As such it’s one way of ploughing back to society what he too learned through his long journey to fame.
Next week, we are finalizing our video shoot rehearsals ahead of the Color Vibes meeting. The audio track is already complete and will be ready for publication immediately after the video shoot,” he added.
“In conclusion, I am very grateful for the help with the youth development program from these important persons Tinashe Mutarisi (Nash TV), Bravo, MacDonald Murombe, Maxwell Kaitano, Sporrow and not forgetting the Gift Amuli fan base thank you so much,” he said.

“It feels great doing a collaboration with one of the biggest brands in the Zimbabwean music industry. I believe that the project will put artists like me on the map,” said LeeFire.
Tinemishe Chibwanha aka Tatman, who is the son of the late reggae legend, Nelson Chibwanha felt honored to record alongside the man he looks up to.

“Recording alongside the elder is a big thing for me,” said the young star who hopes to reach a new level in the music industry.

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