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Adopt ICTs or lose out







Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Professor Douglas Mboweni


By Evidence Chipadza

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Professor Douglas Mboweni encouraged businesses to adopt Information Communication Technologies (ICT)s’ since the world is now a globalized village in which businesses can find more opportunities.

Addressing the business community and academics at Midlands State University (MSU) Professor Mboweni said businesses have no choice but to adopt ICTs to sustain.

“The world has now been joined together by digitalization and any business that seeks relevance must focus on the digital world. There is no option for businesses but to go digital in any economy and those that try to reverse digital movement era they will be going back to the dark ages”.

“Digitalization becomes a necessity in transforming the economy because it is the language of the future which can be used by any business or an individual in issues to do with the interconnectedness of the world,” said Mboweni.
Mboweni added that the digital divide cannot exist between institutions and the business hence it is necessary to close the gap.

“We are now in a world which has no borders technologicaly so we are going to look at the digital positioning issues, it is like the law of gravity if you climb a tree and try to fly you will fall,” added Mboweni.

However Mboweni noted that by 2030 this vision is going to be achieved.
Traditional businesses remain stagnant if they fail to adapt to the fast changing world.

Econet wireless recently introduced technological platforms by introducing an app called YoMix which is one of the platforms a user can use to construct their own applications.

Devices such as handsets are tools of digitalization since it can be used to track some movement thus showing the growth in technology.

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