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98.4 FM Opens doors for Midlands artists

By Varaidzo Muzonzini
A popular local commercial radio station, 98.4 FM Midlands in Gweru, is inviting artists to submit their music so that it can be aired on the station which is popular with young listners.

Broadcasting from Gweru the City of Progress, 98.4 FM Midlands is a vibrant youth station that reflects and echoes youthful energy going by the slogan #Turn-it-up.
“Submit your music to music@984midlands.co.zw, we will make the world hear you,” according to 98.4 FM Twitter handle and social media posts.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has taken a tore in the music industry, disabling artists to fully reach out to their audiences the radio is now the most popular way of having their content reach the audience. 98.4 FM Midlands is becoming the bridge to the barred music transmission and most upcoming artists are welcoming this initiative with open arms.

“It has been difficult to be heard on-air but the introduction of this initiative will highlight the local musical talent that had been previously overshadowed and the good thing is that the station uses many local languages and this means that a lot of people from different ethnic groups have a chance of having their content reach the audience and have a representation of their ethnic groups. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we can be heard worldwide without endangering people’s lives and being popular at the same time,” said Tatsman a Gweru based upcoming artist.

Online radio and FM radio are now part of Zimbabwean people’s busy lives. In Zimbabwe, people are always moving around with their busy lives and it is very difficult to get free time to sit down to listen to the radio like in the old days and online radio is becoming more popular day by day. This then makes the initiative convenient with the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the country.

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