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22 year old to launch 6th edition book

By Richard Shumba
Gweru based author is set to rejuvenate the passion of the reading culture in people after publishing his mouth watering latest book edition titled “Going against the odds”.
Isaac Fombe (22) has proved that age doesn’t matter by publishing his 6th book which will be officially launched at the Gweru memorial library soon.

The fourth year Midlands State University (MSU) student said that some of his work intends to proffer solutions to the problems being faced by the majority of people.
“I believe that when you read my books, one get solutions to some of the problems faced in life.
The book “going against the odds” is a motivational piece of art that tries to encourage people to thrive forward besides the various setbacks and challenges they might face every day.
It seeks to encourage those who want to start a business reminding them that they is no formula to start a business but ambition is the key to success”, said Fombe.

He said his journey as a writer was not easy as he had faced various challenges but managed to fight his way out through the power of positive thinking..
The current harsh economic climate did not spare the young talented writer, as people were not buying his books whilst some were resorting to piracy which had greatly disadvantaged many writers in the industry.

“You would find that out of 10 copies you can only sell 4 copies a year which is demotivating while other people do not buy the books but rather resort to sending the soft copies to each resulting in a huge loss,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fombe has managed to sell 156 copies nationwide through his best seller book “life is the best coach”.
His work also includes the ‘Rich poor Graduate, how to start a business with one dollar and how to start a business without capital.

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