Young farmers promoting agriculture for African youth

Elaine Mpofu and Varaidzo Muzonzini
The Zimbabwe Farmers Union held the Zimbabwe Youth Agriprenuership Summit in Gweru under the theme “Climate Action: Nothing for Us Without Us!”.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union Secretary-General Paul Zacharia.

This year’s Summit saw less than 50 young farmers gathering and were equipped with much-needed skills that are aimed at taking farming as a business.
“The future of agriculture lies in the hands of the youths and therefore there is an urgent need to unleash their potential energy in that direction.” said the Zimbabwe Farmers Union Secretary-General Paul Zacharia.

He said the purpose of the summit was to help the young farmers look into climate action and be able to endure climate change.


The Agripreneurship Summit’s objectives were to scale up the adoption of conservation agriculture and smart agriculture, enhance the participation of young farmers in coming up with digital solutions and increase the involvement of young farmers in climate action.
One of the young farmers Prosper Chikwara shared his experience on climate change and the mitigation strategies they have put in place to manage these conditions.

“There is so much change in the climate and we have lost crops due to the change in the climate. As a small company in Matebeleland South we have tried to keep up and so we have gained access to the underground water therefore we have started harvesting the water,” said Chikwara.
He went on to say that they have diversified to improve the quality of their water and also how to store it.
“Per year we harvest about 15000 litres of water. We have started using drip irrigation which saves water and only supplies water where it is needed”, he added.

Tafiringa Zigovera from the Meteorological Department gave a seasonal outlook break down and explained the different climate changes and how the seasons are divided into different regions.
“Due to climate change and weather patterns, farmers have to adapt to different methods of storing the available water and use it wisely. The seasons are changing and we have to adapt,” said Zigovere.
Different organizations experts from around the world gave information to farmers on how to access their services the likes of The World Bank, Veronica Jakarasi advised farmers on saving their funds and investing in their farming.

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