"We Want Cheap Medication" -

“We Want Cheap Medication”

By Faith Muringai
Diabetic patients have voiced their concerns to the government over the high prices of drugs saying most of them are pensioners who cannot afford.
Speaking during the World Diabetes Day Commemorations 2020 held at Gweru Sports Club, patients who attended the event begged the government to urgently look at the prices of drugs which are too costly to many.

One pensioner, Manika who spoke on behalf of patients said that the government should remember them in terms of medication since diabetes is not an acquired disease. He also emphasized that the government should extend their help given that the medication they take is expensive to many of them.

“Remember us diabetic patients, we do not have access to medication.
“I receive ZW$600 as pension per month and the medication required for me costs $US35 and above.” he said
Manika said he experienced a stroke as a result of failure to buy medication since it is very expensive and he could not afford it. His predicament was also voiced by other residents with diabetes.

Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga who is also the Minister of Health and Child Care responded to the issue supporting that there is need for cheap medication.
“We want cheap medication”, he said.
He said that in Zimbabwe there is need for local manufacture of medication as it will be cheaper than importing it. He also added that Zimbabweans should leave the business of importing medications and manufacture medicine for local market.

World diabetes day commemorations

He encouraged the residents to give each other equal opportunities and went on to give an example that the one with a serious situation should be treated first and not the system of first come first served.
Zimbabwe Diabetes Association spokesperson, Ngonidzashe Muzondo said diabetes has become a threat to most Gweru residents as they have tested hundreds of people in Gweru.


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