Water crisis worsen in Gweru -

Water crisis worsen in Gweru

By Christine Chiromo
Water crisis in Gweru affecting most high density suburbs has forced residents to dig up wells at their backyards to mitigate themselves against the shortages.

Ward 7 councilor Gideon Mugariri

The water crisis has become so dire that a possible health threat of water-borne diseases are now high as residents now use water from the unprotected wells.

Ward 7 councilor Gideon Mugariri confirmed the surge increase of unprotected water sources in his ward.
“It’s true that there is high volume of unhealthy water sources in Mambo and other areas in the city. I’m sure the health department is working on a robust program to make sure there is no spread of water borne diseases as we are approaching the rain season,” he said. Most of the water sources used by the residents are not protected and danger to the communities as the water borne diseases can easily be spread.

One of the resident Maceline Dube said she has to dig a well at the backyard of her homestead as council is failing to supply them with clean tape water.
“As you know that council is not supplying water regularly, I had no other alternative but to dig a well at my residents so that I can have water all the time.
“I am appealing to the relevant authorities to intervene as we are now forced to source water from unprotected sources,” said Mrs Dube.


Recently council announced that they are going to tighten the water rationing, as the water level from the supply dam Amapongokwe is dwindling.

The city’s public relations officer Ms Vimbai Chingwaramusee was quoted in the media saying the water shortages is caused by number of factors that include low water levels due to prolonged and recurrent droughts, ageing and absolute equipment as well as power outages.

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