"Teacher by profession, singer by Choice" -

“Teacher by profession, singer by Choice”

By George Vhudzi and Karen Mkwate
Popularly known as Sir China, Gweru born artist David Toziwepi Chinaka recently released a seven track album titled ‘God is still speaking vol1’ and within a blink of an eye he has already embarked on releasing volume 2 of his first album which features songs that relate to the current Covid 19 pandemic.
During an interview, Chinaka who is a teacher by profession of Shona and Computer science at Regina Mundi High School, said he started his music career at a late age of 47 in 2017.

“Life begins at 40 and to God seven is a whole number and that is what inspired me to start my music career at 40 (old and upcoming)”, he said.
Natured under a Christian family Chinaka was inspired to write his songs relating to the scriptures of the Bible , he quoted the book of Habakkuk to be the main inspiration behind the album tracks ‘Munamato Wanhasi and Tenzi Zviratidzei’.
He stated that in few chapters found in the book of Habakkuk, prophet Habakkuk showed signs of distress concerning matters of his time and Sir China is following in the same footsteps appealing to God to do wonders concerning the current situation faced by many people including himself.
‘Munamato Wanhasi and Tenzi Zviratidzei’ are songs to feature on his second album that he is currently working, which speaks of the prevailing COVID-19 outbreak.

Artist David Toziwepi Chinaka

“I ventured into music during times of hardships where music as a career was not paying well due to piracy being at the centre of every production, some turn to call it wrong timing as I could not and still cannot manage to start a formal band which has resulted in me rehearsing with my students as backing vocalists”, Sir China said.

With one big wish of doing collaborations with as many artists as he can the musician sees himself excelling in the next five years because to him the sky is the limit. Chinaka also pleaded with the ministry of education to formalise music as a subject for there are so many talents going to waste without being heard or recognised.


As an old upcoming artist, as he would like to call himself, he also faces challenges in the industry but said that will not shutter his dream for it is setting a foundation for him to relate to when he finally makes it.

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