Servicing Mkoba 21, Randolph stands now on -

Servicing Mkoba 21, Randolph stands now on

Sheasham Investments has started work at the new Mkoba 21 and Randolph Phase 1 residential stands, the company’s spokesperson engineer Takunda Togara has said.

He said they have started the two projects simultaneously with road construction and they are expecting to complete the project within the contractual time frame of 24 months.
Currently they are on bush clearing stage which they started early this month.
“The company was allocated to service 1089 stands in Mkoba 21 and 471 stands in Randolph, and work for these two projects started early this month,” said Togara.

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He said with the urge of the need for decent accommodation in the city, the company can for courtesy allow parallel development to their clients through liaison with council of cause. This means that the company can allow clients to start building their houses after they have completed the first stages of roads and water to allow clients to build their houses slowly while the developer completes the servicing of the entire scheme.

“We are running them parallel and there is equipment at Mkoba 21 and Randolph and we want to complete them at the same time because the scope and quantities of work for the two projects is almost the same,” he said.
He said they were facing challenges in delay of paperwork processing by the Environmental Management Agency.
“As far as challenges are concerned we have the issue of EMA, the legal authority that enforces environmental law in Zimbabwe,” said Togara.

“The challenge that we are facing is that they have delayed processing some of our paper work that includes a prospectus submissions for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the two projects. Such kind of delays will also delay the implementation of the projects.”


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