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SA record label offers Gweru producer R80 000

By George Vhudzi
South African Keynes Music brand has approached Sydney Sixpence well known as SK Weropa (pictured), a young producer doing great works in Zimbabwe music industry and offered him an amount close to 80 000rands to buy him out of his current contract with Caesar Jams records.

During an interview with Foward Kawusiyo, third part of Keynes Music explained to this publication the reason behind their talent title fight search ending in Gweru all the way from South Africa.
“True a proposal has been made, we are working on certain areas with SK that I hope we will manage to get him sign to us,

Sydney Sixpence

“Well SK’s production is exceptional and his magic fingers on a keyboard outside the booth are also remarkable and we have been following his production updates which are on point.
“The talent he possesses is also the reason why we have been following him closely for some time and SK Weropa can be a considerable talent to our team in SA”, said Kawusiyo.

It’s now over a year since SK got signed under Caesar Jams a record brand owned by Gweru’s own Sungura maestro Gift Amuli, this development came after his previous record label Baddoz music moved to Botswana.
The 25year old producer has produced great songs such as the current Gweru national anthem ‘Chapera muto’ by Skido and Gift Amuli which is trending on Nash paints TV color vibes.

Chapera muto visuals was launched on Zim celebs TV and Gweru celebs TV, he is also the brain behind Skidos album ‘Wedangwe’ and Amuli’s coming album whose title is yet to be decided.
Before deciding to go ace producer SK started as an artist back in 2010 and he was known as Young One then found greener pastures on the other side of the fence as a producer.


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