Residents take on “the Black Friday haste” -

Residents take on “the Black Friday haste”

By Ronald Chuma

Shop owners in Gweru were forced to call in the police to maintain order as hundreds of residents who woke up early in the morning on Black Friday to shop for price reduced goods turned violent.

Clothing shops like Edgars and Jet failed to control shoppers some who slept at the shops in order to be the first customers of the day and by midday long queues were still visible with heavy police presence.

Customers queuing for Shopping at Edgars Gweru Branch

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. Many stores offer highly discounted sales on Black Friday and open very early morning which prompts customers to ome in large numbers.

In an interview with one of the customers Shantel Mandebvu who was in the queue, she said the elongated queues notably at Edgars was stimulated by the specials offered on various products and wares as well as adverts that were placed on their social media platforms like Facebook in which their Black Friday promotion was extended until 5th of December.

 “We are happy about the promoted sales given by the Edgars and Jet Shops; we are patiently waiting in the queue so that we can buy new clothes for our families as we are approaching the festive season,” she said.

Due to the Black Friday fervor disorder erupted as customers were trying to enter into the shops to buy, resulting in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) being engaged in enforcing and maintaining order as the nation is in a pose of a new phase of Corona Virus pandemic.

Police officers were enforcing the regulations of Covid 19 to be observed, maintenance of social distance between customers, proper wearing of face masks and sanitization of hands.


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