Realm minister set to “wow” fans

By Christine Chiromo
Midlands-based house groove artist Sindiso Nkomo has released a mouth-watering album that is set to hit airwaves soon.

The 33-year-old artist, who is popularly known by his stage name Realm Minister has promised to wow fans across the country with the release of the new album, Hamba Vhangeli produced by Oskid productions.
In an interview, Realm Minister said this new album is all about revival.
“Hamba Vhangeli means let the word of God spread. This song reminds even the preachers that despite the pandemic lockdown blows, let’s not stop preaching and tell people about the dominion that Jesus Christ gave us over the devil. Am always inspired by the Spirit of the almighty, if l am his own like l am then everything l do is inspired from that rank.”

Realm Minister

The realm minister recounted how he began his music in primary school where he was in the music choir.
“During breaks and lunchtime, I used to sing my own composed songs using desks as drums though at some return point it would end up in punishment. When l moved to Bulawayo in 2006 that is where l then got some opportunity to encounter real instruments, not the Banchu guitars we used to play in our rural areas in Zhombe. I was part of the Church praise team in AFM, then l moved to UFI and I am still in the praise team at Kwekwe City where l am based now. I got some opportunity, to present my songs before the church and to me, that seemed to be a great achievement
“In 2011 that’s when l released my first debut album titled “My Covenant with God” with the help of advice and mantle ship from Pastor Charamba. l really appreciate the effort he put in terms of showing me how to maneuver in the music industry.

“My second album titled Realm of Worship was released in 2014 under Jabulani Ndhlovhu together with Carven Gumbajera and we launched this album in Kwekwe. By the grace of God, I received massive help from my brother and mantle in music Minister Michael Mahendere during the time he was releasing Getting personal with God 2.
“In that very year, l wanted to quit music because l had suffered a blow from a bogus producer in Bulawayo before coming to record in Harare with Jabulani Ndhlovhu. l had spent almost the whole year trying to record Realm of Worship which was all in vain because this certain producer disappeared soon after receiving money and we simply did the demo part of one song so it was quite disturbing and discouraging.”

Realm minister said into the end of 2017 his brother Tinashe Magacha said he should come up with something that he could feature in and that’s when he decided to leave the English and Shona songs and bring on his native language.
So we recorded a song titled Thelu” moya together with Magacha produced by Carven Gumbanjera and launched it in Kwekwe at a mining museum hall and it became a great milestone indeed thanks to Magacha.
“From there l then discovered that the people that follow my music wanted me to bring up more stuff like Thelu’moya. l realized that l have to do likewise though not leaving Shona and English songs permanently but am currently offering to the world Zulu/Ndebele House groove stuff because this is who l am.

Realm minister added that he is currently working on his projects under @Oskid production and they have a lot of stuff that is coming for fans. He said the other song after Hamba Vhangeli is almost done and hinted that fans should just be ready and put on dancing shoes as they will love it.

“If you are an artist whether an upcoming or a renowned one to just rush into recording without doing proper paperwork with your producer is suicide because paperwork can help protects your project and as well your finances. No matter how much you trust them do the paperwork first and the rest of the work later,” he said.

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