Mkoba 16 Long-standing Tailor Dies at 95 -

Mkoba 16 Long-standing Tailor Dies at 95

By Ronald Chuma & Faith Muringai
A 95 years old Gweru dweller, Sabiti Ajanu Mbatata has died at his home in Mkoba due to a short illness which he battled for a week.
The Yao (Chawa) aged Mbatata left a wife, eight children and 47 grandchildren including the Zimbabwean prominent soccer player Cuthbert Malajila.

The Late Mr Sabiti Ajanu Mbatata

Sabiti worked for most of his living years as a tailor at Mkoba 16 shops.
His youngest daughter, Chengu Ajanu described his father as a hard-working man, who looked after his family through tailoring. He encouraged and nurtures people to work with their own hands.

“My father was a courageous figure, he worked hard to look after us all through his tailoring business. He taught me and my siblings to work with our own hands and l also do hair fixing and dressmaking,” she said.

The chairperson of Mkoba 16 business area known as Mai Gundani said that she knew him long back when she was seven years old as her mother was vending at Mkoba 16 business area, as a person who worked with others very well and he advocated for unity, peace amongst all people.

“I knew him long back when I was seven years, he was a kind person, he could help anyone despite the closeness of the relations and he was like a father to me,” she said.

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