Mkoba 15 Solar powered borehole a relief to residents -

Mkoba 15 Solar powered borehole a relief to residents

By Ronald Chuma
Residents of Ward 17 in Mkoba are in a respite from water crisis after the installation of a solar powered system borehole in Mkoba 15 by Welt Hunger HLife (WHH).

Ward 17, covers Mkoba 15 and Mkoba 19, have a long back dated history of water distribution problems which saw the area only getting tap water twice a week during the night as affirmed by the community residents.
In an interview with The Sun, Ward 17 Councilor Muza revealed that tap water distribution is a major problem and it exposes his area to epidemic diseases like typhoid, and in his capacity as a councilor is doing everything possible for the people of Mkoba 19 and 15 to access water easily.

‘Water is life and a need for the survival for all living things on earth, I am happy that the installation of the solar powered borehole system by the donor aid, Welt Hunger HLife (WHH) has massive benefits to the people in my community in accessibility and proximity. The solar borehole system has 8 water points, 2 jojo tanks carrying 5000l each and two solar panels runs from 6am to 6pm which save time as well doing away with long queues as experienced before the installation of the system. It is in my plans that, another solar powered borehole system will be installed in Mkoba 19’ he said.

The ward 17 community chairman Makaza has also emphasized that, the borehole is not only saving the people from Mkoba 19 and 15, but also other villages in Mkoba residential area. He added that water is now easily accessible and as community they are collectively making rules and regulations to safeguard and maintain the system. Elderly and disabled people are also acknowledged to have first preferences at the borehole.

In an interview with one of the residents from Mkoba 13, Chivhombo has nit-picked the flaws of City Councils failure to maintain and service their local boreholes and appealing to the government and various stakeholders to install the same systems in Mkoba residential areas which have less tap water distribution to decentralize people who are now rallying on one water point of Mkoba 15 solar powered borehole.

“Approximately 700 people fetch water daily from the borehole, there is also the community which checks for the correct use of borehole for instance disposal of refuse away from the water points, practice of good hygiene, disinfection of water taps daily as well the borehole is monitored day and night by the community members and municipality police.” he said.

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